Midori is THE original melon liqueur and the perfect choice for sharing moments with friends. Noticed first for its great colour, the melon-flavoured liqueur owes its global appeal to its premium quality and fun muskmelon flavour that can be enjoyed with juices, spirits and other liqueurs. Midori has gained an outstanding reputation among leading bartenders and cocktail designers worldwide for its excellent quality and superb versatility. It continues to be the secret ingredient that leading mixologists depend on, season after season, for such classics as the Midori Sour, Midori Melon Ball and Midori Margarita. Japanese for “Green,” Midori was inspired by the emerald green colour found in Japanese nature where the liqueur was originated. Midori was launched in the U.S. in 1978 during a party at the world-famous Studio 54 nightclub.
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