About Us


G. Vincenti & Sons, founded by Giulio Vincenti in 1923, focused on the import and export of food products, alcoholic beverages, automotive spare parts, and chemical and agricultural products.
History & Profile
In 1949, it started its operations in Beirut. Over a span of 70 years, the company has developed into one
 of the largest distributors of food, confectionery, alcoholic beverages and consumer goods in Lebanon, 
including Disney-licensed products.

In 1990, it started expanding to other countries in the region and currently is physically present in each of Lebanon and Jordan strengthening its position as the leading FMCG Company in the Levant area in addition to a strong presence in Romania.


The Vincenti group's holdings currently comprise a portfolio of diverse activities including exclusive representation and distribution of leading international brands of food products of all kinds, dairy products, confectioneries, wine and spirits, household cleaning products, consumer products, and toiletries.


Vincenti & Sons operates in a comprehensive facility:
  • Over


    years of Experience
  • More than

    600 m2

    refrigerated facilities
  • Over


    international leading brands
  • More than

    25000 m2

    of Warehouses & Offices