24 November 2016

The Macallan

Location: "The Villa" Dbayeh

The Macallan

G. Vincenti & Sons Celebrates the Most Luxurious Single Malt Whisky in the World “The Macallan” On November 24, the leading FMCG company in Lebanon, G. Vincenti & Sons sal., had the pleasure of hosting the world’s largest event for the most precious single malt whisky; The Macallan. The event was held at “The Villa” (Dbayeh) under the patronage of His Excellency the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Lebanon, Mr Hugo Shorter, and attended by hundreds of special guests including politicians, diplomats, influentials, media representatives, retailers, on-trade outlets and whisky connoisseurs. The two-floor venue was completely converted to reflect ‘The Macallan story’, an exploration that took everyone in attendance on a fascinating journey through the distillery and the epic ingenuity behind this exceptional single malt whisky.

The Macallan, owned by the Edrington Group, is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious single malt brands in the world and considered the most sought-after whisky for collectors. The magical night witnessed a detailed overview of the brand’s 6 iconic pillars and their strong association with the UK’s culture, followed by a live musical performance by a four-piece band and a female electric violinist, all hailing from London.
Mr. Tony Abou Ghazale, owner of ‘The Agenda Beirut’ said it was a privilege earning the trust of the Vincenti Group and the Macallan brand stating, “I chose to stay in Lebanon and prove a new educational concept here which is ‘The Agenda Beirut’ resulting in successful public relations ventures and I could not be more blessed by the local and international outcome this journey has reached.”

Mr. Carlo Vincenti, on behalf of G. Vincenti & Sons sal, thanked His Excellency Mr. Hugo Shorter for hosting the exceptional venue as well as the attendees saying, “We really appreciate you being here and sharing with us this special experience covering the culture, spirit and true essence behind one of the very first whisky brands that was awarded a license in the United Kingdom back in 1824.” He added: “The Macallan is today considered the most prestigious scotch whisky in the world, with extensive collections reaching Guinness Book record selling prices at various global auctions.” Mr. Benjamin Wastnage, Deputy Ambassador at the UK embassy in Beirut, was delighted with his embassy’s support of the special occasion, and wished G. Vincenti & Sons further successes in the future, expressing his fondness for the Lebanese people’s great taste in whisky. Mr. Peter Allison, The Macallan’s Scottish Brand Ambassador, announced, “Tonight, you have journeyed through the elements of The Macallan – our six pillars. You have seen first-hand some of the dedication that goes into every bottle of our single malt and how each of these facets works towards creating the worlds most revered whisky.”

Mr. Bassam Mohanna, on behalf of The Edrington Group Middle East stated, “I trust we can all agree Macallan's peerless spirit and unmatched quality is the best whisky the industry has to offer. You can only imagine how celebrating The Macallan in my country with you in this mind-blowing setup gives me great joy and immense satisfaction.” In celebration of The Macallan, everyone in attendance raised a toast and a cheer for another banner year ahead with many more to come. </br.>

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