The history of the Ferrero Group is a story of success in its third generation, in which the development of a multinational company perfectly combines with the past, present and future of a tenacious Piedmontese family.

In 1946, Pietro Ferrero invented a cream of hazelnuts and cocoa, derived from Gianduja and called it "Giandujot", or Pasta Gianduja. The initial product came in solid loaves wrapped in aluminium foil, which had to be sliced with a knife, and was succeeded by a spreadable version Supercrema (Nutella).

The second step was the launching of Kinder chocolate & Kinder Cereal followed by Ferrero Rocher (Gift boxes) & Tic Tac candy.Our constant attention towards consumers’ needs is at the foundation of our company policy, inspired by maximum transparency and excellence in quality.

Ferrero loyalty towards consumers and the trust they place in their products through their everyday purchases are at the core of the long-lasting relation that Ferrero enjoys with them.

Over the years, the Ferrero Company has flourished by following the principles of its founder, Pietro Ferrero. Every Ferrero Company brand is an original concept, anticipating consumer demand for superior quality, taste, and presentation at affordable prices. Today, Ferrero products are delivered to delighted consumers around the globe from state-of-the-art facilities throughout the workd. Born from a simple dream, Ferrero has become the world's third largest confectionery company. Pietro's vision has been realized.

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