Barilla was founded in 1877, in the town of Parma, as a bread and pasta shop. Today, it is Italy’s largest food-processing industry, articulated into 26 production sites, with direct control over eight mills supplying 70% of raw material requirements.

Barilla is undisputedly the leading name in pasta in Italy and throughout the world. It is the first Italian group for baked products (Not to mention pasta sauces), and third in Europe with the brands Mulino Bianco, Pavesi and Wasa. Barilla is a very special company – a family-run multinational, squarely-set on the shoulders of four generations of the Barilla family.

Barilla food production is based on three principles: Product quality, attention to nutritionally-balanced eating and of course flavour, and the unmistakable hallmark of the entire Barilla range. The Group objective is to make its contribution to good health by offering nutritious, high-quality products. Barilla has been led by four generations of the same family.

In Lebanon, Barilla leads by far the pasta and sauce market, making it the number 1 brand in each of the 2 categories.

Barilla: Product Range