Alipús Mezcal

Lovingly selected premium artisanal mezcals hand-distilled in family distilleries in rural pueblos in the state of Oaxaca, in southwest Mexico.

Alipús pueblos are remote, reached only on dirt roads. Small artisanal distilleries preserve – uncorrupted – the traditional centuries-old ways of distilling mezcal.

These family distilleries are very old-fashioned operations. Some still lack stone mills, and crush the roasted agaves by hand, using long-handled wooden mallets, in canoas, hollowed out logs; others distill in potstills made from clay. The process is slow and labor-intensive. The process is tied into the agave itself, tied into the pueblo where the mezcal is distilled, tied into local and regional methods handed down for generations.

Alipús is bottled by Destilería Los Danzantes®, an artisanal distillery in Santiago Matatlan, south of Oaxaca city.

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