Chopin Vodka is a super premium handmade Polish Vodka praised as the “World’s Best Single Ingredient Vodka” that pioneered the luxury vodka category. Founded by Tad Dorda in 1992, Chopin Vodka is a small-batch, family-owned producer of single-ingredient, premium Polish vodkas. With Chopin’s legendary potato vodka, Mr. Dorda pioneered the luxury vodka market in the early 1990s, leading to a worldwide appreciation of high-end vodkas that had previously only been available in small batches. Chopin is one of only a few vodka producers to distil its own spirits; most vodka is acquired from a trading market – with no information regarding its heritage and ingredients – and subsequently bottled. This is not the case with Chopin Vodka. There are no secrets and no additives in the production of Chopin Vodka. Each bottle contains only three ingredients – the highest-quality, naturally grown potato, rye or wheat, yeast and purified artesian well water. Moreover, the process by which Chopin Vodka crafts its vodkas is 100% sustainable; discarded potato mash is returned to the fields as fertilizer.

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